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I'm an inflation artist.
Technically, I should probably written this name as "Kitako" but I was like 14 when I came up with it, sue me
(Disclaimer : please don't sue me I'm a broke little pervert.)


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Latest News


I’ve decided to open up my commissions again. I”m going to try to run them through NG and DA but I will try to to the brunt of posting to NG first and DA second, just out of preference. That being said :

All of my prices listed are in measurements of 3, just because I am currently using my Ko-fi to process payments. To keep this in the commissioner’s favor, however, I have decided to “round down” for the time being. (eg. instead of a 10 dollar commission being rounded to 12, I’ll be going with a 9) And my prices listed below will be a reflection of that.


Contact information

Here on NG, obviously

DeviantArt : https://www.deviantart.com/hokuhime

Discord : Hokuhime #0239


Sketch : 3$

-Simple Sketch


“Colored sketch” : 6$

-Sketch with color filled into it


“Shaded sketch” : 9$

-A colored sketch with color work on it


Inked Drawing : 9$

-A sketch fully inked. Line thickness determined by commissioner


Colored Ink : 12$

-A fully inked drawing, colored


Shaded Ink : 15$

-A fully colored and shaded ink drawing.



Character Bio : Varies, Free if provided beforehand

-If you want an image to have information on your character or your world, I can add it to the description


Short Story : 3-6$ based on length

-I tend to add shortstories in MOST of my work, so if you would also like one, let me know


Fake Languages : 6$ even for languages based on a Substitution Cipher. Other phonetic languages can be negotiated

-This is a weird one I know, but I have a weird habit for writing languages for fantasy settings, and have written quite a few over the years that I never used. I won’t give you one of them, but if you want one on your own, I can oblige.


Things I will not do


-Pixel art (Temporarily)

-Full Reference sheets

-Underage Characters


Rules and restrictions

-I go with a “pay at partial” system. I will NOT take your money until I’ve made enough progress on the image to know 100% that I can deliver what’s being asked. If I cannot do it then I will not take ANY money whatsoever from you.

-Grayscale counts as color if it has more than 1 tone of gray

-Any money given before I agree to take a commission will be considered a donation. This is both for my own protection, and to separate potential donations from commission payments.

-I reserve the right to refuse a commission.


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Game Completed 25 Points

Complete the game

NUCULAR 5 Points

nuclear war

DRAGONS 5 Points

dragon scenario

ZOMBIES 5 Points

Zombie Scenario

Royalty 100 Points

Prestige in ranked mode

Kills III 100 Points

Get 1,000 kills

Headshots III 50 Points

Get 100 headshots

Headshots II 25 Points

Get 50 headshots

Kills II 25 Points

Get 100 kills

Headshots I 10 Points

Get 10 headshots