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Commission Information : Hokuhime

Posted by Hokuhime - December 14th, 2018

I’ve decided to open up my commissions again. I”m going to try to run them through NG and DA but I will try to to the brunt of posting to NG first and DA second, just out of preference. That being said :

All of my prices listed are in measurements of 3, just because I am currently using my Ko-fi to process payments. To keep this in the commissioner’s favor, however, I have decided to “round down” for the time being. (eg. instead of a 10 dollar commission being rounded to 12, I’ll be going with a 9) And my prices listed below will be a reflection of that.


Contact information

Here on NG, obviously

DeviantArt : https://www.deviantart.com/hokuhime

Discord : Hokuhime #0239


Sketch : 3$

-Simple Sketch


“Colored sketch” : 6$

-Sketch with color filled into it


“Shaded sketch” : 9$

-A colored sketch with color work on it


Inked Drawing : 9$

-A sketch fully inked. Line thickness determined by commissioner


Colored Ink : 12$

-A fully inked drawing, colored


Shaded Ink : 15$

-A fully colored and shaded ink drawing.



Character Bio : Varies, Free if provided beforehand

-If you want an image to have information on your character or your world, I can add it to the description


Short Story : 3-6$ based on length

-I tend to add shortstories in MOST of my work, so if you would also like one, let me know


Fake Languages : 6$ even for languages based on a Substitution Cipher. Other phonetic languages can be negotiated

-This is a weird one I know, but I have a weird habit for writing languages for fantasy settings, and have written quite a few over the years that I never used. I won’t give you one of them, but if you want one on your own, I can oblige.


Things I will not do


-Pixel art (Temporarily)

-Full Reference sheets

-Underage Characters


Rules and restrictions

-I go with a “pay at partial” system. I will NOT take your money until I’ve made enough progress on the image to know 100% that I can deliver what’s being asked. If I cannot do it then I will not take ANY money whatsoever from you.

-Grayscale counts as color if it has more than 1 tone of gray

-Any money given before I agree to take a commission will be considered a donation. This is both for my own protection, and to separate potential donations from commission payments.

-I reserve the right to refuse a commission.